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Heather Faye Kahn on the versatility & ubiquity of cartoon characters

Since at least the post-modernist 80s, “low brow” & “high brow” symbols have become increasingly interchangeable. Cartoon characters, for example, travel freely between class, social identities, spatial dimensions, & time. Because cartoon characters usually possess expressive faces & bodies similar to ours, they are relatable in a way other symbols are not. What does it feel like to be a cartoon character who can move freely between these dimensions? How do we determine the difference between fine art & an illustration when the symbols being used are the same?

Faye Kahn is based in New York. From 2011-2017 she hosted a weekly music show on WFMU, an independent radio station located in Jersey City, NJ. During this time she also created 2 risograph comic books, one self published & one published by Perfectly Acceptable Press, & made countless animated gifs & illustrations for her Tumblr “Yex.” She still occasionally makes appearances on WFMU.