The 334th meeting of the NY Comics & Picture-story Symposium will be held on Tuesday,  April 19, 2022 at 7pm EST. ONLINE PRESENTATION VIA ZOOM. Please email to register for this event. Free and open to the public.

Céline Hudréaux on her work.

In her presentation, Céline Hudréaux will shed a light on her passion for printmaking and her heroes: the authors and illustrators from the past and present who have deeply marked her practice and kindled her desire to make her own books. Her talk will be a walk along surrealism, waking dreams and nightmares, magical thinking, outsider artists, engravings, etchings, and visual and experimental comics. She will address what it means not to know how to draw and what role documentation plays in her practice. And since no-one can do everything alone, she will speak about her collaboration with her editor Ria Schulpen of Bries and the authors who surround them. 

Visual artist Céline Hudréaux (°1979, Marseille) studied Fine Arts at Villa Arson in Nice (France) and Sint-Lucas in Ghent (Belgium), where she lives now.  

Her preferred medium is non-toxic printmaking. Especially in this age of ubiquitous digital carriers, the graphic techniques, characterized by their materiality, are both a necessary counterweight and an enriching complement. Today, she teaches printmaking at Sint-Lucas Antwerp and the Academy of Waasmunster in Belgium.  

Primitive art, folk culture and dream images inspire her visual language. Céline Hudréaux’s work was exhibited from Borgerhout to Tokyo. She published two graphic stories at the Antwerp based publishing house Bries: It’s Not an Ocean (2013, in collaboration with Geert Ooms) and Maelstrom (2019, based on a short story by Edgar Allan Poe).