The 317th meeting of the NY Comics & Picture-story Symposium will be held on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 at 7pm ET. ONLINE PRESENTATION VIA ZOOM. Please email to register for this event. Free and open to the public.

Karolina Głusiec: Everything wrong is imaginary – how memory and memories shape drawings, paintings and films rooted in what once happened thus in the past.

In the talk I will be discussing drawing as communication and a link between the non-material memories and language and with the references to various artists paintings, films and to my own drawing and animation practice, I will be talking different ways how memories can be materialized as artworks in a way we want to keep them – often as an impossible surreal mirrors against the reality.

The title of the talk has been inspired by the Album by Lilys that has the same title that was released in 2006 :

Karolina Głusiec, (b.1986, Lublin Poland) visual artist working mainly across animated and diy film media, inspired by ways of seeing and ways of remembering. Frequent collaborator in projects inspired and rooted in music.

Currently working at Goldsmiths university, London and Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland along with other art universities and institution in England where teaching Drawing and Animation.

Visiting and faculty member lecturer in drawing and animation examining various ways of image-memorizing and perception. Currently working on a PhD thesis proposal on material and non-material memories in communication.

As a collaborator and visual artist or lecturer worked with or for the following: The Guardian, Azedine Alaia, Stara Rzeka, JAAA!, Royal College of Art, MÓZG Foundation, The House of Words, California Institute of the Arts, University of Arts London, Magdalen College Oxford, Kettle’s Yard Cambridge, TURF’s Projects Gallery, London Sinfonietta, King’s Place London, Instant Classic and Latarnia Records.

Over the last decade actively supporting and contributing to the idea of accessible art as a form of recreation and education by leading and facilitating workshops involving people being marginalized for various reasons.

Works and films have been presented and exhibited in the following : Entropia Gallery (Warsaw, Poland) PEER Gallery (London, UK) National Gallery (Washington, DC), Grunt Gallery (Vancouver, BC, Canada), Dzyndra Museum (Lviv, Ukraine), Mediations Biennale (Poznan, Poland) and BWA Drewniana (World / No World).

Karolina Glusiec: Sketchbook drawings and notes from home on Mission and 25th, drawing on a4 paper, coloured pencils, San Francisco, 2019