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Fanny Grosshans: About the necessity to have a floppy arm to trace a straight line

One day, I was drawing swing dancers in a public place. A beautiful old and elastic man invited me to join in. It was an awkward dance session for both of us, but the main thing I remember, was his advice:«keep arms floppy!»
About drawing, in my personal practice,  it isn’t only arms which need to be floppy, the body must be floppy, the spirit must be floppy. Only the world around me, seems solid by comparison.
But to stay floppy isn’t an evidence when the spirit is focused on an activity.

I want to talk about every day tricks to save a cartoonist from his sheet of paper and keep on believing that drawing isn’t a so important thing.

How to enter in the wonderful world of the margin (of the paper, of the work, of publishers) and how to forget why you arrived in this place.

Fanny Grosshans is a French comic artist,  born in 1987, who draws stories published in small press, after having spent five years at the Angoulême Art School.
She’s mostly related to the small press publishers «Les Machines»and «Radio As Paper».
She’s fond of vernacular drawing in medieval art and children construction wooden blocks.
Her stories are fed by the every-day’s details and digress toward something different.
When she grabs her nib or reed pen, the most tiny sheet of paper become a large space of ice where she can skate on.
Most of times, she misses a drawing but that is another opportunity to cut, mix, assemble and finally let go, because, sometimes, it’s good to manage to finish something.
Her work is accessible at: