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Comics as Life, Not-Comics as Life: Jason Lee on His Current Work

My zine and creative output slowed dramatically in 2019 after some particularly frustrating experiences at festivals and on social media left me largely discouraged about the possibility of finding a community in comics. At the time, there was also a growing sense of frustration about the viability of the festival model. When COVID-19 put the world on lockdown, it seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity to sit down and create; but to my surprise, comics and illustration became even less of a priority. I wonder why, and about what I have learned from the social uprisings and movement building efforts that took center stage in 2020–about how these experiences and ideas can inform our reimagining of how we function in the world of comics, and the way that comics function in the world.

Jason Lee is a bartender and organizer who writes and draws and often combines these pursuits to varying degrees. He works primarily through the medium of illustrated essays and zines, collected under the umbrella/series title “Nothing Left to Learn.” His work was included in Best American Comics in 2017 and 2018.

In-progress zine tentatively titled Chemtrail Crucifix, made up largely of drawings, observations and writing from 2020.