The 216th meeting of the NY Comics & Picture-story Symposium will be held on Tuesday,  April 24, 2018 at 7pm at Parsons School of Design, Kellen Auditorium (Room N101, off the lobby), Sheila C. Johnson Design Center. 66 Fifth Avenue. Free and open to the public.

Kevin Patrick on The Phantom Unmasked
The Phantom, created by Lee Falk in 1936, is the forerunner of the American comic-book superhero. Ironically, he has always enjoyed greater acclaim abroad,  especially in Australia, Sweden, and India, where The Phantom has been adopted and reinvented as a “homegrown hero”. Kevin Patrick, author of The Phantom Unmasked (2017), reveals the transnational history of America’s first superhero, and reappraises the cultural flow of American popular culture.

Kevin Patrick is an Australian academic, who currently teaches media and communication studies at Fordham University (New York). A former communications policy researcher, freelance journalist, and magazine editor, Kevin has a longstanding interest in Australian comics, and other forms of popular print culture. He received his doctorate from Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) in 2014, and is the author of The Phantom Unmasked: America’s First Superhero (University of Iowa Press, 2017).

Australian edition of The Phantom comic-book 1970s

Australian edition of The Phantom comic-book, 1970s.